How an app helps you create better video content

Adobe Voice is not just another app for creating animated videos. It’s helps you create better video content.

I’m a big fan of limitations. Limitations makes you reflect upon your content and audience in a beneficial way. It makes your more creative and focused.

Twitter has a 140-character limitations and Vine a 6.sec limitations. When you hit this limitation you are not allowed to go any further. I don’t think either Twitter or Vine would have had the same succes if they didn’t had these “extreme” limitations. Both the creator and the audience benefit from it. You know if the content sucks your done before you can say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (which is actually a word)

Adobe Voice as an educational app (for the creator)

So what is Adobe Voice? Well it’s an app that lets you create animated videos very easily. Your video is made up by slides (like powerpoint) with a theme, layout and music of your choice. On the slides you can place icons, photos, text and finally you can add voice over to each slide.

You create a video like this:

  • Create a project — either from a template (like “promote an idea” or “teach a lesson”) or from scratch
  • Add slides or use the ones from the template
  • Add icons, photo, text and speak.
  • Select theme, layout and music to set the mode and feeling
  • Share your video

It’s very fast to create great video. The video above took me under 5. min including upload.

The great limitation of Adobe Voice lies in the way you record your speak.

Firstly you have to hold you finger on the same spot for as long as you record. This means you become very aware of that you’re recording and it gives you a slightly “on air” feeling.

Secondly Adobe Voice alarms you when you pass 10. sec with the message “keep it short…”. It doesn’t stop your recording though. You can go on for as long as you hold your finger on the record button…but you won’t do that for 2 minutes.

These two things combined creates the great limitation of Adobe Voice— no slide should be longer than 10 sec. In this way your video is not made up by one 2. minute talk but by 12. 10 sec. talks. Which makes every word you say more thoughtful. You reflect upon what’s important and what’s not by focusing on smaller pieces instead of the entire video. I think it’s a very clever take on creating video and can especially help people who’s not accustomed to creating video. The app helps you keep it short and more clear. Which is very importent when creating video for web.

Furthermore the app makes it very easy to replace or delete bad slides and to rearrange the slides. Everyone who has made a screencast knows that trying to replace a part of the video is like baking a new piece of a pie and trying to fit it into an already baked one….or something like that. It takes time and you’ll notice it. But with Adobe Voice you can delete and replace a slide with speak in under 10 sec… or before you can say pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (the word is english actually)

I think the team behind Adobe Voice deserves credit for making an app that not just enables me to create professional looking animated videos very easily —but helps me create better video content solely because of the way they design the app! A really clever and useful app. And it’s free!

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