Raafi Rivero’s Candid Camera

Brooklyn-based filmmaker and photographer, Raafi Rivero, discovers his voice and frames a unique narrative in Morocco, far removed from typical travel photography.

In episode one of our new sound portraits series, we spoke with filmmaker and photographer Raafi Rivero in his Brooklyn studio. He was just kicking off the dust from a winding tour through Morocco which brought the polyglot creative from bustling Marrakech, through the Atlas Mountains, to the blue city of Fez. Like the rest of his impressive body of work, the resulting images were filled with life and vibrancy, showcasing emotions that appear for just a second before flickering into the ether. Despite this particularly far-flung adventure, Rivero tends to work closer to home, and has made a name for himself with striking portraits of local characters, shot through a soft, intimate focus.

An award-winning filmmaker, he’s created numerous short films, music videos for luminaries such as Ghostface Killah and Styles P, and, most recently, a full-length feature film — “72 Hours: a Brooklyn Love Story?” — which garnered praise on the indie circuit. He has also developed commercial projects for HBO, Microsoft, Sony, and The Rockefeller Foundation (among others). His work has been described as “impossibly beautiful, raw and honest,” — walking the rare line between polished; his talent lies in the ability to preserve on film that spark of humanity in even the most unlikely of places, proving that inspiration doesn’t require a plane ticket — or even a metro card.

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Audio story by Scott Newman
Text by Laura Feinstein
Special thanks to Ray Marrero