Reasons to Become a Kegel King

by Jeanson Benoit, World Association of Sex Coaches Student Member

As men, we are constantly thinking of ways to improve our sexual functioning and overall sexual experience. That’s why there are commercials about drugs that help us last longer in bed and spammy emails claiming to have the penis enlargement “secret”.

But what if I told you there was a real, no side-effect solution for improving your erection strength, fullness, and ejaculation control?

Would you believe me, or think I was trying to sell you something?

Actually, there is a natural way to obtain healthier sexual functioning of the penis and it’s called Kegel exercises.

“So, What Are Kegel Exercises Anyway?”

Kegel exercises, or simply Kegels, are named after gynecologist Arnold Kegel. He practised in the 1950’s and prescribed the exercise of contracting and relaxing of the pubococcygeus, a.k.a. the PC Muscle, to assist women suffering from incontinence.

The PC muscle makes up our pelvic floor. The PC muscle stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone and supports our pelvic organs like a strong elastic hammock. If the muscles become too weak, we can experience difficulty keeping our fluids inside the body (waste and ejaculate leakage). We can also experience difficulty holding our penile erections at attention for extended periods.

My Before/After Experience with Kegels

Before Kegels

  1. My erections occured leading up to sex but diminished as sex began
  2. My decreased erection command also decreased my ejaculation control
  3. I suffered from performance anxiety because my penis wasn’t functioning how I wanted it to
  4. Sex was a struggle and a fight to keep the erection up while keeping the semen inside. There was a lot of tension in my body during sex
  5. I never knew from one sexual experience to the next which version of my penis would show up for the party and that was frustrating
  6. These issues came as a 27 year old so talk about being surprised/confused at the same time

After Kegels

  1. I experience some of the hardest erections that I ever have in my life even surpassing the ones from my early 20’s
  2. Sex is even more effortless than in the past because my mind and body are so relaxed
  3. I regained my confidence in my ability to provide prolonged pleasure during intercourse
  4. My erections come about more easily and frequently throughout the day as a reminder that it’s functioning like it should
  5. I got an increase in pleasure sensitivity during arousal due to my hardened state
  6. My erections parallel my desire now. Woohoo!

How to Exercise These Muscles

When I started strength training my PC muscles, I used the recommendations from The Art of Sex Coaching written by world renowned Master Sex Coach and author Dr. Patti Britton. She suggests performing the Kegel exercise in 3 sets of 20 repetitions with 20 second breaks in between sets. She recommends doing them daily and by 3 weeks’ time, you’ll see an improvement in your erectile functioning.

I followed her workout plan and the difference was amazing. My penis was noticeably harder and thicker upon arousal, plus I lasted longer in my sexual experiences with my partner. I realized that these Kegels were the real deal and I needed to incorporate them into a regular routine. So, over 2 years ago I did and I haven’t looked back since. Now, I am able to do hundreds per day and have no concerns about whether or not I will “stand tall” when the time for sex arrives.

This changed my sex life for the better and showed me what healthy sexual functioning looks like. If you combine Kegels with regular exercise like walking or some other type of light to medium intensity cardio, you experience even better blood flow to the lower regions. This leads to even fuller erections. So, workout those “Love Muscles” and become the king of your erection enhancement!

Jeanson Benoit is an Intimacy, Sex, and Relationship Coach. His specialty is assisting men with common sexual barriers and women that desire more connection with their sensuality. He uses his years of experiential and theoretical research to guide people to happier, healthier, and more fulfilling romantic connections. His vision is for everyone to unleash their inner Sex God and Goddess by awakening their sex lives now. Jeanson can be found at and can be booked for intimacy and sex lectures, live Q&A speaking events, and personal couples coaching done through video correspondence.

Originally published at on August 26, 2016.

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