GZero - a Google for the Decentralized Web

Someone should Make This: A search engine for the decentralized web.

ZeroNet is the first, working, production, user friendly decentralized web. Take a moment to reflect on that.

No really, do you understand what this means? Reflect a bit more.

No DMCA notices. No centralization. No piratebay to be taken down. The future we’ve talked about is here, now.

ZeroNet is a program that lets you access “.bit domains” from your regular browser. The unique thing, it also lets you easily store and host websites .bit websites in a completely decentralized manner — you don’t have to serve the files from a centralized server. It has no central point of failure at all, and cannot be taken down.

I discovered ZeroNet through Play (zeronet access needed to load the site), a decentralized torrent tracker. There are already open source, decentralized, working versions of Reddit, Blogs, Forums, and the list goes on…

Why We Need a Decentralized Google?

So, why indeed?

The immediate answer is not privacy reasons, although that is also rather important in the future. The immediate need / MVP of a decentralized Google is … just plain old search.

The ZeroNet homepage lacks a search feature. AFAIK there is no way to really search for interesting content on ZeroNet, and it’s clear why — building a useful search engine is a hard problem.

I foresee that the ZeroNet ecosystem will literally explode over the coming months. If I understand correctly, all ZeroNet sites are open source by design, and therefore their speed of improvement and quality will advance in hypersonic speed. Anyone who detects a bug can just submit a pull request to fix it. (We also need a decentralized github btw)

This soon-to-be-huge ecosystem will need search, otherwise it would be impossible to … you know, find anything. For starters, I want to see someone implement the simple MVP version of Google’s original PageRank on ZeroNet.

The decentralized future is here.


If someone actually goes on and build this thing instead of just posting about it, I just registered my first .bit domain — gzero.bit. I’ll donate it to you for free :)