Q&A With SF Global Shapers

What’s your name?

Abigail Adu-Daako

Which Hub are you from?

Accra Hub, Ghana

What Brings you to San Fransisco?

Grad Schooool! Recently started a graduate education in UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Pubic Policy for Master of Public Policy degree so looks like I’m gonna be here for a long while :).

What are you working on?

How to survive grad school.. lol more seriously; studying and working on policies in the areas of international development and gender issues.

What’s your passion/what matters to you? And why? (Or what’s your why?)

I’m passionate about Gender Equality and Youth Empowerment in developing countries. Having suffered a ton of gender bias in high school at an early age, I have come to understand its effects especially on young females in their thinking, development, aspirations etc. especially in developing countries where there is little or no support for such people. Also youth empowerment because most developing countries (especially in Africa) have a huge youthful population and if we want to see change, they are the ones who will be in power/control a decade from now thus there is a need to empower them and instill in them the right values, education and skills to create the change that we want to see.

What does being a part of the Global Shapers Community mean to you? (Connections, etc.)

The shapers community is a family. I am happy to be among great people doing amazing things with their lives and who care about and believe in the same things as I do.

What is something you want readers to know about you?

I am ambitious, optimistic, loves traveling and a food lover!

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