50/50 by 2020? Millennials and the pay gap. Let’s hire women photographers

We need more diversity in storytelling, says the creator of a new website for female photojournalists. Image: Imani Clovis

Saadia Zahidi, Head of Education, Gender and Work and Member of Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Geneva

Welcome to our weekly digest of stories about how the gender gap plays out around the world — in business, health, education and politics — from the World Economic Forum.

50/50 by 2020: AOL pledges women-in-leadership drive. (Bloomberg)

The gender pay gap is narrowing for millennials, but not why you think. (Business Insider)

French companies outperform UK companies recruiting women to boards. (The Independent)

Which are the most diverse and inclusive companies in the United States? (World Economic Forum)

The gender gap: Is it a question of schedules? (New York Times)

UK universities: All talk and too many trousers? (The Times)

The ‘accidental’ cybersecurity professional may well be a woman. (Tech Republic)

100 countries that have only ever had male leaders. (World Economic Forum)

Run for office: more than 13,000 women are planning to. (New York Magazine)

Saudi Arabia celebrates its first ever Women’s Day to fight for gender equality. (Arab News)

When does medicine leave women behind? (NPR)

Brazil’s men helped to become better fathers to reduce gender violence. (The Guardian)

Hire female photographers. It’s good journalism. (Wired)



“Meaningful progress must start with the rights and dignity of women, by nurturing their ingenuity and innovation (…) The world needs science and science needs women.”
Irina Bokova
Director-General of UNESCO, on the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science

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