A woman President, a black Wonder Woman and other top gender stories of the week

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Saadia Zahidi, Head of Education, Gender and Work System Initiative, Member of Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Geneva

Will the US ever have a woman as President? (Slate)

“It was a mistake to educate my daughterI should have saved all the money for her dowry.” (Quartz)

Sexual harassment policies may be ineffective with these omissions. (Harvard Business Review)

Women close gender pay gap in two STEM jobs, lag in others. (Bloomberg)

Tech’s bro culture: Why so few women break through. (Bloomberg)

Guilt, fear and looking less committed: why millennial women take less vacation. (Huffington Post)

Cambodian elections: The women who lost their land and are now fighting for power. (The Guardian)

Imagining a black Wonder Woman. (The Atlantic)

Historic rejection letters to women engineers. (The Atlantic)

Women work nearly an hour longer than men every day. (World Economic Forum)

Moroccan police stifle women’s protest in northern city. (Reuters)

Child brides are on the rise in India’s towns and cities: report. (Reuters)

Chart of the week: The gender pay gap in 20 STEM jobs
Female managers in architectural and engineering jobs out-earn men, yet make up just 8.5 percent of the profession. Female chemical engineers are paid slightly more than males and hold 15 percent of the jobs.

Quote of the week

“If you’re too tough, you’re not feminine. If you’re too feminine, you’re not tough enough. There’s a very small space between those two that is safe territory.”

Madeleine KuninFormer Governor, Vermont

Will we ever have a woman as President? (Slate)

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