Global finances set to brighten — and other top economic stories of the week

Image: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Margareta Drzeniek-Hanouz, Head of Global Competitiveness and Risks, Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum Geneva

A list of some of the week’s most interesting stories on economic growth and social inclusion.

Global economic prospects are brightening, according to the World Bank, which forecasts 2.7% global GDP growth for this year as trade picks up. (World Bank)

The OECD agrees, adding that we need to make globalization work for all. (OECD)

Image: OECD

Nouriel Roubini, however, still sees many risks that could derail the global economy. (Project Syndicate)

Gregory Mankiw cautions that increased fiscal deficit may undermine productivity growth in the US as interest rates rise. (The New York Times)

An interesting response to the Feldstein/Schulz argument about what drives the American trade deficit. (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

On homeownership and how it drove inequality in the US. (The New York Times)

A questioning of the gig economy. (The New Yorker)

Are companies de-globalizing already? (Financial Times, paywall)

Cross-border investment remains low. (Financial Times, paywall)

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