Paris without the US, Syria now and then and other top stories of the week

Image: REUTERS/Philippe Wojazer

Adrian Monck, Head of Public and Social Engagement, Member of the Managing Board, World Economic Forum Geneva

Surviving the US exit from Paris. Why we still might avoid climate disaster.

Image: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Is China leading the low-carbon future? Switching on floating solar power.

Profiting from the circular economy. Four giant companies lead the way.

Syria, before and after. A 360 degree visualization of the ravages of war.

Nations are failing both refugees and the challenge of climate change. Cities + data can save us.

Smart trashcans and blockchain for benefits. Technology for inclusive growth.

The nicest prison on earth. Punishment that reduces repeat offenders.

Feeling irreplaceable? Forecasts for when AI will make us superfluous.

But first super-intelligence needs to grow up. DeepMind still can’t understand what’s going on in The Simpsons.

There’s nothing 21C about global terrorist networks. How the Victorians fought back.

Are you in a relationship with a chatbot? Artificial Intelligence’s power to manipulate humans.

When death goes viral. Death videos on a Chinese messaging app.

Is China the likeable superpower? Cites President Xi’s speech in Davos. (Atlantic)

Global crackdown against illegal tuna fishing. Coverage of a Forum initiative. (Nation)

The $400 trillion time bomb. Further coverage of a Forum white paper. (Quartz)

Margaret Atwood has a plan to deal with plastic waste. Cites Forum research. (Huffington Post)

ASEAN fights to keep manufacturing edge. Refers to debates at the Forum’s ASEAN summit. (Straits Times)

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