Streamlining global trade, dystopian novels and other top stories of the week

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Adrian Monck, Head of Public Engagement and Foundations, Member of the Managing Board, World Economic Forum Geneva

As important as mathematics for future jobs. The rising need for non-cognitive skills.

Nightmares that explain reality? Dystopian novels with surging sales.

Image: Big Brother is watching: Some of the covers of 1984 through the years

A new global trade deal has entered into force. Why the TFA matters.

We’ve just had our best quarter century ever. A defence of globalisation.

The sweet spot for women in science. Closing the STEM gender gap.

140 million new child brides by 2020 — unless we build fairer societies.

Fake news threatens Europe. The defence admits it’s outgunned.

What’s behind declining productivity numbers? Robots and growth.

Consequences and risks of “permanent summer” on supermarket shelves.

How did culture become so divided? Old communities have left a vacuum.

European migration 5,000 years ago. Genetics show it was almost all men.

The new capitalism needs to nurture people, not products. Quotes Forum executive chairman Professor Klaus Schwab. (Financial Times)

Forum signs partnership with China’s Council on International Cooperation on Environment and Development. (Modern Diplomacy)

China aims at amicable resolution of trade friction with US. Cites President Xi’s speech in Davos. (South China Morning Post)

MIT partners with the Forum to create Treepedia, a measure of urban greenery. (Business Insider)

How easy is it to do business in the Philippines? A senator cites the Global Competitiveness Index. (Philippine Star)

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