5 lessons on how to improve local purchases in Bolivia

Here is what the World Food Programme (WFP) has discovered through a pilot project to link local smallholder farmers with municipal food-based programmes

APHMAU Smallholder association in the process of baking quinoa cookies. Photo: WFP/Morelia Eróstegui

1. Break the fear: get small producers and municipal authorities to know each other

A smallholder association delivers quinoa flakes to a Municipality. Photo: WFP/Patricia Choque

2. Ensure sustainability through securing markets

Julián, his father and the principal of his school receiving dehydrated meat from smallholders. Photo: WFP/Jose Velasco

3. Cash is best

Griselda, a smallholder peanut producer posing with her latest production in Entre Ríos Tarija. Photo: WFP/Morelia Eróstegui

4. Create networks of small producers and links to municipal authorities

Fidelia preparing quinoa bars for the school meals programme in her municipality. Photo: WFP/Morelia Eróstegui

5. Support spontaneous initiatives

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