5 tips to keep you healthy and happy this Ramadan

From nutritionists at the World Food Programme (WFP) to you and your loved ones

1) Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is tough when you’re fasting from sunrise until sunset, especially when Ramadan falls during the summer time. However, drinking plenty of fluids for hydration from iftar until suhour will make you feel more alert and reduce thirst during your daily fast. Try to drink 8–12 cups of water a day.

2) Beware of sugary drinks

We all agree that drinking lots of fluids is important for hydration. But what about special Ramadan drinks like tamarind, hibiscus and fresh fruit juices?Although these delicious treats are a source of fluids, they contain a lot of sugar! So beware and try to consume them in moderation.

3) Never skip sohour

When you’re fasting, sohour becomes the most important meal of the day. Sohour is the early morning meal eaten before the sun rises and the daily fast begins. It helps fuel your body and keep you hydrated for the day ahead until iftar — the meal served at sunset to break the daylong fast.

Try to have a balanced sohour that contains complex carbohydrates, fibre and proteins. Complex carbohydrates — like oats, grains and beans — will keep you fueled and feeling full for most of the day. Fibre-rich foods — like dates, figs bran and whole grains — are digested by your body slowly. And proteins — like eggs, cheese and yoghurt — will give you energy throughout the day.

4) Cut down on sweets

Avoid heavily processed foods that contain refined carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour, as well as fatty foods like Ramadan desserts. They are high in fat and low in nutrients.

5) Break your fast slowly

While it is tempting to overindulge at iftar, there is wisdom behind the tradition of breaking the fast slowly with dates and water. Dates are a great source of energy and they help your body release digestive enzymes in preparation for the upcoming meal. Next, have a light appetizer like warm soup or a salad. Once you’ve given your stomach a chance to prepare for the meal ahead, then bon appetit until sunrise!

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Dina El-Kassaby

Dina El-Kassaby


Spokesperson for @UN World Food Programme (@WFP) in #Syria and MENA region. Passionate about #HumanRights and #Storytelling. All views mine.