‘Busy, busy, busy’

A day with the UN Humanitarian Air Service in Rumbek, South Sudan

The Rumbek hub connects humanitarians to over 20 remote destinations in South Sudan. Photo: WFP/Helen Somes
On any given day, more than 100 people and 11 metric tons of cargo arrive, depart or pass through the Rumbek hub. Photo: WFP/Erik Forsman
Operations at Rumbek are managed by a team of 20 — mainly local — staff. Photo: WFP/Helen Somes
In 2018, UNHAS transported over 98,000 passengers and over 1,500 metric tons of light humanitarian cargo in South Sudan. Photo: WFP/Photo Library



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Helen Somes

Bostonian in South Sudan with the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS)