A haven of peace in Tanzania

A refugee mother tells her experience of growing up in a refugee camp and then raising her own family in the same camp, where she receives World Food Programme (WFP) assistance.

“I don’t want my children to experience the same horrors of instability and war that I did,” says Mwayaona, a resident of Nyarugusu Refugee Camp. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth
WFP feeding programmes include hot food served to hospital in-patients at Mtendeli Refugee Camp. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth

Life in the camps

Refugees at Nudta Camp receive monthly food rations to meet the minimum calorie requirement needed to maintain a healthy weight. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth

Lifesaving food assistance

Ration reductions

Rashidi (right) is grateful rations are back to 100 percent. When rations were at their lowest, the family would reduce the number of meals eaten a day in order to cope. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth

Donor support

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Max Wohlgemuth

Max Wohlgemuth is studying a Masters in Global Development at Cornell University. Former communications Consultant for World Food Programme Tanzania.