Banking on bees in Kenya

WFP is ‘buzzy’ helping the county government in Garissa increase honey production

WFP and the County Government distribute beehives to farmers in Dasheq Farm in Garissa town. Photo: WFP/Lawrence Kibui
260 farmers from 52 farmer groups across the county have received 1,050 modern Langstroth beehives from WFP to boost honey production. Photo: WFP/Lawrence Kibui

Garissa county is now buzzing!

Joyce Dafardai, one of the farmers benefiting from WFP’s support in Marsabit county. WFP is supporting beekeeping in 11 arid and semi-arid counties in Kenya. Photo: WFP/Alessandro Abbonizio

More work ahead

There are still many challenges for Siyad and other bee farmers in the county. For the groups to meet the market standards, they must start processing, labeling and packaging honey and other bee products properly.

Across the drylands

David Kariuki of WFP helps a group of farmers to put up a hive in Wajir county. Photo: WFP/Apollinaris Wekesa



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