Cash assistance in Lebanon is a lifeline as coronavirus adds to economic woes

World Food Programme e-cards worth LBP 70,000 per month are helping vulnerable families put food on the table

A father buys food at a WFP-contracted shop in north Lebanon. Photo: WFP/Qobayat Field Office
A family supported by WFP shared what they had for lunch. As prices increase, meat has become a luxury food for many vulnerable families across Lebanon. Photo: WFP/Mazen Hodeib
While e-card support buys a small meal for a family of 11, it means Khalil doesn’t have to break lockdown restrictions to seek work. Photo: WFP/Khalil

Learn more about WFP’s work in Lebanon.



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Malak Jaafar

Somewhere between media, communications and the humanitarian aid world. Part of the UN World Food Programme in Lebanon.