Changing lives for smallholder farmers in Tanzania

Farming in Tanzania is helping to grow, feed and save generations of people

Max Wohlgemuth
Oct 10, 2018 · 5 min read
Mzee Kidevu on the edge of one of his maize plots in Matimira Village. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth
Bahati cooking sweet potatoes over a wood fire with the pot propped up on rocks (left) and picking greens in the home garden (right). Photos: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth
The family reinvested their profits into livestock and now have three cows, six goats and 17 chickens. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth
A few members of the 290-strong local farmers organization MAMLI sorting and bagging their produce. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth
Fulbert demonstrates how to open and close the seal on his grain silo. Photo: WFP/Zainul Mzige
Above: the old bathroom and kitchen. Photo: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth. Below: the new home extension. Photo: WFP/Zainul Mzige.
Flaviana and Petro take a mid-morning break from school to have tea at home. Photos: WFP/Max Wohlgemuth
WFP Executive Director, David Beasley, along with representatives from national, regional and district Government, with Fulbert. Photo: WFP/Zainul Mzige

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