Families in Honduras’ Dry Corridor begin to receive help to alleviate the effects of drought

Débora Bonel
May 25, 2017 · 2 min read

The European Union and the WFP are implementing this project to address the consequences of the El Niño phenomenon.

Throughout four consecutive years, between 2014 and 2017, Central America has been affected by a terrible drought, afflicting the residents of the Dry Corridor of Central America. The droughts, exacerbated by the El Nino phenomenon, have reduced food production and income among subsistence farmers, day-labourers, and their families.

María Auxiliadora Corrales resides in Las Mesas, Choluteca, in the Dry Corridor in Honduras. She lives with her mother, of age 74, along with her two children, aged 12 and 7, all of them victims of the recurrent drought.

“I am a single mother, and I dedicated myself to work with soil, planting corn and beans”, said María Auxiliadora. In Honduras, as in Central America, the European Union and the World Food Programme coordinate the project “Response to the El Nino Phenomenon in the Dry Sector of Central America (PRO-ACT) EU-WFP” in the regions of Choluteca, El Paraíso, and La Paz.

The Corrales are not the only ones. In the same community, Mr. Chanel Álvarez Mendoza and his young family are also trying to endure the drought. They are part of the 2,500 families who participate in the project, carried out by the European Union and the World Food Programme, and which in total reaches 12,500 people.

“My partner is Sandra Linneth Ordoñez. We are parents of ten children, five girls and five boys”, said Chanel. “We are grateful to be part of this Dry Corridor Project”, he added.

“We are very pleased to be part of this European Union and the WFP project in the Las Mesas, Linaca, Choluteca community of the Dry Corridor of Central America”, said some of the participants.

The participants receive flyers with the steps to follow in order to obtain cash-based transfers through a a platform called Tigo Money, a service that sends funds via cellular phone messages.

“The cash transfers are a great initiative that helps us tremendously”, said one participant, noting that the program helps them choose the healthy foods that their families will consume.

World Food Programme Insight

Insight by The World Food Programme

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