Food assistance for assets: ‘Help us to help you’

In eastern Chad host communities and Sudanese refugees are working together to build a better future

WFP West Africa
Mar 7, 2018 · 4 min read
A group of women work on a 13.5 hectares site in Lumba Massalit Photo: WFP/Nathalie Magnien
A new well to improve access to water. Photo: WFP/Nathalie Magnien
New irrigation canals to support the growing of vegetables Photo: WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Lettuce, okhra, onion, garlic, watermelon: seeds are already growing. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Abderahmane Adam & Adam Haroun Ahmat, cheikh and village chief. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Zara Abdoulaye Mahamat, 62 years old. She leads the women’s group . WFP/Nathalie Magnien
WFP programme officer meets with the communities. Photo: WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Fatime Abderahmane & Ibrahim Haroun Youssouf, wife and husband, 10 children. Refugees from Darfur living in Chad for 12 years. Photo: WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Mariam, sudanese refugee for 13 years, 8 children, widow & Hawa, chadian. Co-worker and friends WFP/Nathalie Magnien
WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Ahmit Issaka Ouhtman, 28, married. Refugee in Chad for 13 years. Works on the stone site at Alinguita. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
Ahmad Ali Abdallah, 77 years old, land owner. The crop grown and harvested on his plot will be shared between his family and refugees involved in the project. WFP/Nathalie Magnien
WFP/Nathalie Magnien

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