Healthy Not Hungry Partner Chefs

The Healthy Not Hungry campaign has provided WFP with the opportunity to team up with a group of talented and passionate chefs from across the world. Through their work, they will help promote a food culture that values local and diverse ingredients and reduces waste.

Some of our partner chefs hosted Healthy Not Hungry dinners in their respective countries, gathering national-level influencers and decision-makers around the table to discuss steps to Zero Hunger.

Here is a list of the chefs that vowed to support the campaign throughout 2017.

Chefs from Latin America

Chef Esteban Espitia, Colombia

Chef Espitia hosted a Healthy not Hungry dinner at Restaurant Escuela owned by La Sabana University, the only university in Colombia that offers food-related studies. The menu represented the six Colombian ecosystems, showcasing the country’s natural and cultural richness.

Chef Alex Quintana y Moreno, Guatemala

Chef Quintana hosted a Healthy Not Hungry dinner at his restaurant Quintana Bistrot in Guatemala City to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable food systems for development.

Kamilla Seidler. Photo: Gustu_Amaranto

Chef Kamilla Seidler, Bolivia

Held at her restaurant Gustu, La Paz, chef Seidler’s Healthy Not Hungry dinner featured dishes designed to advocate for specific issues, such as increased support for smallholder farmers and organic food production.

Gastón Acurio

Chef Gastón Acurio, Peru

The Healthy Not Hungry dinner in Lima also served as the launch of chef Acurio’s Food Revolution campaign in Peru. The goal of this campaign is to advocate for healthy, diverse diets and for home-cooked meals. One of the main themes at the dinner will be child malnutrition and anaemia, and chef Acurio will work on a menu that reflects how these issues can be tackled through sustainable food systems. The dinner was held at the chef’s restaurant in Lima, Astrid & Gaston.

Chef Mario Castrellón, Panama

Chef Castrellón, of Maito restaurant in Panama City, dedicated a dish to the Healthy Not Hungry campaign during the week of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland, when the campaign was launched. He will also support through social media.

Chef Patricia Miranda, Panama

Chef Miranda dedicated the menu at her restaurant, Cerro Brujo in Volcán, to the Healthy Not Hungry campaign during the week of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland, when the campaign was launched.

Chefs from Africa

Christian Abegan. Photo: WFP/Simonpierre Diouf

Chef Christian Abegan, Burkina Faso

Chef Abegan hosted a lunch at one of the schools in Dori village, in the Sahel. The lunch was prepared together with a women’s community group and was served to the school’s pupils and guests. The menu included the yoghurt produced at the village as part of WFP’s “Projet Lait”, as well as local ingredients.

Reuben Riffel. Photo: WFP David Orr

Chef Reuben Riffel, South Africa

Chef Riffel, owner of Reuben’s restaurant in Franschhoek, hosted a Healthy Not Hungry dinner at the University of Johannesburg’s Hospitality School. The menu focused on indigenous ingredients and emphasized sharing, with plates that allowed for sharing among guests.

Kiran Jethwa. Photo couresty of the chef

Chef Kiran Jethwa, Kenya

Chef Jethwa hosted a Healthy Not Hungry dinner at one of his restaurants in Nairobi, the Seven Lounge & Grill.

Chefs from the Middle East and North Africa:

Manal Al Alem. Photo courtesy of the chef

Chef Manal Al Alem, Jordan

Chef Al Alem’s Healthy Not Hungry dinner at the Landmark Hotel in Amman, Jordan, featured locally grown ingredients, with the goal to show how people living in poverty can benefit from local, diverse ingredients.

Chef Hassan. Photo: WFP/Mohamed Gamal

Chef Hassan, Egypt

The menu for the dinner hosted by Chef Hassan in Cairo was developed taking into account the eating habits of food-insecure families in the region. The dinner was accompanied by a live cooking show from Chef Hassan.

Chef Mehmet Gürs, Turkey

Chef Gürs, of Mikla restaurant in Istanbul, will support through social media.

Chefs from Asia

Kiyomi Mikuni. Photo courtesy of the chef.

Chef Kiyomi Mikuni, Japan

The menu for a Healthy Not Hungry dinner hosted at Chef Mikuni’s Hotel de Mikuni Tokyo restaurant was based on traditional Japanese ingredients, particularly those overlooked by the mainstream diet. The menu was themed around the “holistic” use of local ingredients, and no food waste.

Chef Margaret Xu, Hong Kong

Chef Xu, of Yin & Yang in Tsuen Wan, dedicated the menu at her restaurant to the Healthy Not Hungry campaign during the week of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos, Switzerland, where the campaign was launched.

Chefs from Europe

Chefs Arthur Potts Dawson, Tim Maddams and Atul Kochhar, United Kingdom

Arthur Potts Dawson. Photo: Andrew W. Davies. Atul Kochhar.
Tim Maddams

For the Healthy Not Hungry dinner held at the Glaziers Hall in London, the three chefs created a menu combining lower calories and balanced nutrition. The menu was designed to use local, seasonal products as well as ingredients that would otherwise be wasted. Leftover ingredients from some courses were integrated into other dishes.

Chef Filippo La Mantia, Italy

The menu focused on the four food staples.

Chef Paul Ivic, Austria

Chef Ivic will dedicate a dish in the menu of his Vienna restaurant, Tian, to the Healthy Not Hungry campaign on the week of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, during which the campaign was launched.

Chef Sara La Fountain, Finland

Chef La Fountain will support through social media and will dedicate the “recipe of the month” section in her website to the Healthy Not Hungry dinners.

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