How school meals in Brazil help to reduce food waste

World Food Programme (WFP) Centre of Excellence against Hunger highlights good practice that could inspire other countries

A nutritious school meal made with parts of vegetables that would normally be discarded. Photo: WFP/Isadora Ferreira
Luciana Aparecida Pinheiro prepared a winning dish at the Best School Feeding Recipes contest. Photo: WFP/Isadora Ferreira
School cooks and nutritionists work together to make sure students enjoy a healthy, delicious meal at school. Photo: WFP/Isadora Ferreira
Luciana adding the final touches to her super-healthy rice. Photo: WFP/Isadora Ferreira
Before presenting the dish and the nutrition education project to the jurors, Luciana celebrates the completion of the dish on time. Photo: WFP/Isadora Ferreira
Luciana presents her dish to the contest jury. Photo: WFP/Isadora Ferreira
Luciana’s reaction when her name was called at the award ceremony. Photo: WFP/Isadora Ferreira



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