Letter to supporters by WFP’s Executive Director

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Food Programme is continuing its lifesaving work

Dear friend,

Like you, for the past few weeks, I’ve watched with mounting concern as Covid-19 has spread across the world. From China to Italy, Australia to Denmark, we’re witnessing a global crisis that is impacting on many of us.

David Beasley, on a recent visit to Syria where WFP has reached 6.7 million people with vital help in 2019. Photo: WFP/Abeer Etefa

Many of you live in countries currently facing the very real threat of the pandemic. We know that you and your family might be feeling anxious and uncertain, that your lives may have been interrupted and put on hold as your governments work to halt the spread of this virus.

I wanted to reassure you that even though we’re witnessing a crisis unseen in recent times, our work to help children and families living with hunger has not halted.

Our emergency teams are already in action to tackle Covid-19. As well as maintaining all of our operations, we’re prepositioning stocks of food and cash, and mobile warehouses and tents in case they’re needed. We’re also supporting the wider UN with air, sea and land transportation. Because of you, we’re in a strong position to tackle this virus — but my teams have a challenge ahead of them.

You might not know, but our Headquarters are in Rome, Italy, and while the virus has stopped us going to our workplace, it hasn’t stopped our work. You see, for WFP, helping hungry people at times of crisis, that is what we do. We do it every single day, in some of the most volatile and difficult places in the world. And we don’t leave when a crisis ends.

In fact, every year we assist some 87 million children, women and men and while we’re very concerned for these people — some of the most vulnerable people in the world — because of people like you who generously support us, we’re prepared for the worst.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones at this time.

David Beasley
Executive Director,
World Food Programme

If you do want to make a donation at this critical time to help continue our vital work, please click here.



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