Meet the hidden heroes of humanitarian aid

Flexible and reliable funds are among WFP’s most valued assets

A woman sits near a bag of cereals provided by WFP in the Protection of Civilian (POC) site in Juba. Photo: WFP/IIban
Salsabila displays her certificate for winning a prize in the WFP children’s design competition. Photo: WFP/Miguel Tomas
Top left: Women and children who arrived in Dolow seeking assistance. Top right: Children collecting water from a dry river bed. Bottom left: a child is measured before being treated for malnutrition. Bottom right: Cooking oil. Photos: WFP/Kabir Dhanji and WFP/Prinsloo
Beatrice collects her food from the distribution centre with her daughter Emeline strapped to her back. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Eng



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