Parents and pupils raring to go as schools gradually reopen in Kenya

But their motivation differs

Rebecca, Yusuf and their mother Loise at their home near Sosobora primary school. Photo: WFP/Martin Karimi

Keen on reopening, but for different reasons

12 March 2020, the last day a lesson was offered for most students. Some older years have resumed learning but the majority have to wait until January. Photos: WFP/Martin Karimi

Skipping meals or poor diets

Danger of dropping out

Sarah Lugo and Said Bwoe at a school meals training in Kilifi county. Photo: WFP/Martin Karimi

A meal on opening day

The disused kitchen Sosobora primary school and an empty food store. Photos: WFP/Martin Karimi

Continued technical support

Anne Wachira, one of the school meals teachers attending the training for the first time. Photo: WFP/Martin Karimi



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