Post-hurricane Dominica (Part 1): Welcome to ‘Waitikubuli’

The World Food Programme distributed food for up to 30,000 people on the first phase of the relief operation. Tracking them across the island has been a heart breaking journey, but also one of hope.

Eight weeks after Hurricane Maria, every single village in Dominica still needs to be rebuilt. Sometimes, people are not even distinguished among the debris. Photo: WFP/Marianela González
Hurricane Maria has left thousands of people homeless in Dominica. Photo: WFP/Marianela González
WFP has provided rice, beans, sardines and vegetable oil to up to 30,000 hurricane-affected people in Dominica. Photo: WFP/Marianela González

WFP is supporting Dominica’s recovery

In Dominica, WFP is also supporting its partners in the management, receipt and distribution of assistance. Photo: WFP/Marianela González

“The government has been doing a good job, and we appreciate the help of your people.”

Markets in the capital (Roseau) still have some quality food, but their prices are not affordable for most of the population. In small cities, women like Felicia Espirit (45) and her daughter Sharnon (24) have kept the same prices: “There is no cash in town, and in the end, this is almost all we have left to sell.” Photo: WFP/Marianela González

“Recovery means having our normal, simple life back.”

After Hurricane Maria, landscapes in Dominica look like a lifeless sepia postcards. Photo: WFP/Marianela González
Bruce Peltier (28) is a local driver working with WFP in Dominica. Even though his own life has been turned upside down by Hurricane Maria, Bruce is always smiling. Photo: WFP/Marianela González
Paula Pharaoh (48) teaches at the Wotten Waven Primary School. While trying to keep feeding her children, she also cooks for some of her students: “WFP food is sufficient, but children want to eat all the time!“ Photo: WFP/Marianela González
14-year-old Joshua has been supporting the distribution of WFP food in his community. Photo: WFP/Marianela González

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