‘I thought you needed to have a lot of money to eat well. I was wrong.’

Preventing chronic malnutrition through nutrition education in Burundi

Learning how to set up a kitchen garden is part of nutrition education sessions held in communities in Gitega province. Photo: WFP/Djaounsede Madjiangar
Like 90 percent of the population in Burundi, Marie Joselyne and her family depend on agriculture for a living. Photo: WFP/Djaounsede Madjiangar
Under the guidance of an experienced volunteer, community members learn about hygiene and healthy eating practices. WFP/Djaounsede Madjiangar
Fathers like Claver Pilipili also benefit from community-based nutrition education sessions. Photo: WFP/Didier Bukuru
A health worker weighs a child during a nutrition screening session in Gitega province. WFP/Djaounsede Madjiangar

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Djaounsede Madjiangar

WFP's Head of Communications, Advocacy & Community Engagement in Bamako, Mali