Reduced food waste means increased income for farmers in Rwanda

How WFP is helping tackle post-harvest losses and boost access to markets

Maize drying in the sun. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Eng
David Hagenimana has found shade to peel the maize. It is a lengthy process, especially since this cooperative has sold over 300 metric tons of maize. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Eng
Left: Farmers prepare the fields. The tools are old and preparing the field is heavy and hot under the Rwandan sun. Right: Maize is hung to dry on wooden stands. There are several rows running for hundreds of meters. Photos: WFP/ Jonathan Eng
Using a maize sheller machine not only reduces the processing time but also protects the quality of the grain. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Eng
Clockwise from top left: Farmers Clementine Uwamahoro, Fideline Ayinkamiye, Yvette Musabyimana and Xaverine Cyiza. Photos: Jonathan Eng.

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