Rural women at the centre of development

On the International Day of Rural Women (15 October) we look at how four UN agencies are working together to empower them

Gender inequalities are among the main factors preventing rural women like Jeanette (left) and Agustina (right) from developing their full potential. Photos: UN Women/Tumaini Ochieng (left); WFP/José Hernández (right)
Rural women make up a over a quarter of the world’s population. Photo: WFP/Santosh Shahi
WFP, FAO, IFAD and UN Women are working together to provide rural women in seven countries with the skills and opportunities they need to improve their lives and those of their families. Photos (clockwise): UN Women/Tumaini Ochieng; WFP/Miguel Vargas; WFP Santosh Shahi

“Being able to discuss with other women was eye opening.”

Sharing experiences and learning from one another is an important element of the programme. Photo: WFP/José Hernández

“I feel so proud when my voice is heard at the family and community level. This was never the case before.”

The economic empowerment of rural women also gives them a greater say in their families and communities. Photo: FAO/Bishal Paudel



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