The biggest game of 2017 brought to life: how a famous YouTuber made a live-action version of ‘PUBG’ to fight world hunger

Popular Korean streamer combines the hit game with WFP’s ShareTheMeal app to make a difference for hungry kids

Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles!

What is PUBG and why is it so popular?

The intro screen to the live-action PUBG video. Photo: YouTube/The Great Library

The video starts out with GL offering his usual YouTube commentary, this time as he selects his own live-action avatar

Left: GL streams a normal PUBG match. Right: the live-action edition. Photos: YouTube/The Great Library

Next, the GL and the other players sit in the cabin of the plane, ready to parachute out and start the match

Here’s GL jumping out of the plane and pulling his chute

But instead of fighting, the video gives players a new objective: let’s ShareTheMeal

So how can you help? Get the ShareTheMeal app and find out

The Great Library

“I hope many people can live in a world where there is no conflict, free of hunger.”



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