Stop food waste, start making profit

Breaking the cycle of hunger through post-harvest skills

Francis Thawani
Sep 13, 2019 · 4 min read
Rufina winnows maize at Gwiritse Cooperative warehouse. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji

“Now, I farm for business not just to feed my family.”

Timothy cleaning his soya beans at Gwiritse warehouse. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji
Timothy and his wife Alice put their maize in hermetic bags for safe keeping. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji
Record keeping helps Timothy make well-informed decisions and understand farming is business. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji
Timothy reads a text message update on maize prices on his mobile phone. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji

“Since I joined the cooperative, I’ve seen the power of numbers.”

Rufina shells maize with her daughters and stores it in hermetic bags. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji
Being part of a cooperative helps Rufina fetch better prices for her produce and cover comfortably her family’s necessities. Photo: WFP/Badre Bahaji

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