Taking school meals home

After coronavirus closed schools in the Republic of Congo, the World Food Programme (WFP) and teachers got to work to ensure that children keep receiving their daily meal at home.

Once schools re-open in the Republic of Congo, children will be receiving Mbala Pinda, a delicious and healthy snack, locally produced by women groups. Photo: WFP/Alice Rahmoun

“I visited a school, around 60 KM outside of Brazzaville, not the most remote area. The headmaster at the school told me that she hadn’t seen her schoolchildren in over a month. She told me that those kids had visibly lost weight. I think that is an indication of how important these meals are for children. Without the school meal these children go hungry. And the fact that we were able to resume the distribution through schools, even though it was not a meal at school but a meal at home made quite a difference.

Jean-Martin Bauer, WFP Country Director in the Republic of Congo

Emilie and her father picking up the take-home ration at school. Photo: WFP/Alice Rahmoun
Tsoko Misette is part of a women’s group called “Bidiu Bi Buala” (Meal of the village), which produces the Mbala Pinda that is then distributed in schools. Photo: WFP/Alice Rahmoun



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