The weight of war

On the front lines in Yemen, home to the world’s worst hunger crisis

Dumont in Saada. Today, the governorate has one of the highest malnutrition rates in the country. Photo: WFP/ Fares Khoailed
Numbers on the roof identify vehicles with clearance to move within the country. Humanitarian access is paramount. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont
Saada, Yemen’s “fruit basket” (L). Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont. 23 people were killed when this house was destroyed during fighting in Sa’dah City (R) Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont
Nearly half of Hodeidah’s population has fled. Adel Abdullah and his family escaped but now live in makeshift shelter. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont
Members of Adel Abdullah’s family have been forced to resort to begging. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont
The port city of Hodeidah has become militarized. Video: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont
Damaged buildings at Hodeidah Port, the country’s lifeline. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont
Hussien wants to be a doctor. Photo: WFP/ Jonathan Dumont



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