Tips to increase your chances to join the Future International Talent Pool (FIT Pool) at the World Food Programme

The World Food Programme (WFP) is looking for the best talents with the Future International Talent (FIT) Pool! Here are some tips to better prepare your application.

1 — WFP is looking for talents dedicated to its mission and vision. Take time to make an impressive application pitch and carefully prepare your application

First, find out more about WFP as a humanitarian organization, our values and where we are operating. For more information, you can take a look at our website.

The E-recruitment system allows you to save your application, this way you can take the time you need to ensure your answers are clear and to the point.

Prepare carefully your application, your cover letter and CV. Does your cover letter show that you share our values? Does your CV clearly demonstrate that you have the experience required for this position? The requirements are clearly stated in the vacancy announcements to help you!

Adding a cover letter with your motivation emphasizes your commitment. Keep in mind that WFP is looking for candidates who are highly motivated by the mission of eradicating hunger and who are mobile and willing to work also in emergency contexts.

2 — WFP is looking for exceptional candidates. Make sure you fulfill minimum requirements before applying

Start by reading the requirements in the announcement and make sure that you are qualified.

Any professional at any point in their career can apply, but be honest with yourself and be realistic about your interest! if you don’t meet all the requirements, there’s no need to consider submitting an application.

What is quite unique with the FIT Pool at WFP is that any field of work is advertised at a number of levels (P2; P3; P4). So, make sure you understand where your seniority level falls into. In doing so, keep in mind that recruiters will mostly take into consideration the work experience relevant to the announcement that you are applying for.

Below are the requirements per level:

◦ With a minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience, a candidate should apply for P-2 level positions.

◦ With a minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience, a candidate should apply for P-3 level positions.

◦ With a minimum of 8 years of relevant professional experience, a candidate should apply for P-4 level positions.

You may apply for more positions at different levels depending on your relevant experience, but first read all requirements!

After understanding your seniority level, it is important that you meet WFP’s mandatory language requirements. To be eligible to apply you need to be fluent in English and have an intermediate level of at least one UN-recognized language (i.e. French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese), or working knowledge of Portuguese.

This is extremely important as you will be tested on the level of the language you state in your application. Start your revisions!

Last but not least, to be eligible to apply, you need to have an advanced university degree and/or a first level university degree with additional years of work experience from an UN-recognized academic institution. Y

3 — Make sure you answer all the screening questions to the best of your knowledge

When applying for a WFP FIT Pool announcement, you will have to answer a number of screening questions. Since they represent the first screening stage in the process, make sure you answer thoroughly and to the best of your knowledge.

E-recruitment allows you to save your application, so you can come back to it later.

4 — An effective pool consists of mobile talents. Show proof of mobility — that you are flexible when it comes to changing locations!

When applying for the FIT Pool, you are agreeing to commit yourself to being mobile. Since WFP is mainly a field-based organization, most positions are in the field and require a certain amount of adaptability and resilience. In addition, most positions are rotational, which means that every four years (or two years for hardship/emergency duty stations) staff members are subject to relocation.

One way to show commitment and readiness is to list any type of international experience in regional and sub-regional locations, including any humanitarian work experience.

5 — WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide. Highlight the relevant experiences that show you have what WFP is looking for

Make sure your CV clearly reflects your relevant experience and show passion for WFP’s mandate to eradicate world hunger!

Recruiters receive many CVs and have limited time to go through your CV and cover letter to seek indications of strong professionalism and commitment to WFP’s mission.

As past performance is a good predictor of future performance, recruiters will be looking at your past work experience to find skills that are in line with the requirements of the FIT Pool announcement. Therefore, make sure you highlight all your relevant past experience and achievements (including hobbies, volunteering experience etc.).

Other tips before submitting your application:

- Read again your cover letter and CV

- Make sure there are no spelling mistakes

- Make sure your application is clear and understandable

- Use keywords

And then…Best of luck!



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