World Refugee Day: ‘Safe in Malawi, now we must escape the coronavirus’

Three refugees taking part in a youth project tell us their story

Over 40,000 refugees live in Dzaleka. Life has become tougher since the beginning of the pandemic. Photo: WFP/Primo Luanda
Dzaleka Refugee Camp is extremely congested. Photo: WFP/Primo Luanda
Gracia Alfonsine, 11, washes her hand. Thanks to sensitization drives, children are more aware of hygiene issues. Photo: WFP/Primo Luanda
Refugees in Dzaleka get cash from WFP to buy food in local shops. Photo: WFP/Primo Luanda
There is increased demand for masks in Malawi, an opportunity for refugees working for There is Hope, a local NGO. Photo: WFP/Primo Luanda
A water point in Dzaleka at sunset — there is no running water in the camp and people line up to fill buckets. Photo: WFP/Primo Luanda
Kaja Alfonsine, washing her children’s clothes. She fled from DRC with her eight children to seek refuge in Malawi. Photo: WFP/Primo Luanda

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