The easiest and the only way to use WhatsApp without net connection lies in a SIM card called ‘ChatSim’ (Others)

How to use WhatsApp/Skpye/Viber without an internet connection

‘ChatSim’ opens a world of internet-free connection

Yes, you can!
 What seemed next to impossible until a few years ago, is possible now. There’s a way to connect with your friends and family on the messaging app even if you do not have access to internet.
 Here is how:
 Purchase a SIM card called ‘ChatSim’ launched by an Italian company.
 ChatSim is just like any other SIM card that you use for SMS or calling purposes. This messaging-only SIM comes with a plan which enables the user to use a variety of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, Skype and Viber for free.
 ChatSim can be a great choice for people who are always travelling, and face connectivity issues while they are on the go.
 People who want to buy the SIM card will have to log on to the company’s website to place an order.
 The SIM card costs 10 Euros with an additional fee of 10 Euros usage charges. Also, the payment for ChatSim will have to be prepaid. The validity period of the SIM card is one year.
 (Contributions by Ashna Mishra)

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