The Trump culture was around 30 years before Trump — Trump just gave it a name.

The Trump White Sovereignty Movement is a Result of Loss of Social Status and Ego Inadequacy

Donald Trump came into power on the back of hope and hatred. A man of lacklustre character, illustrating all that is frowned upon by Christianity, civilized behaviour, and accepted etiquette, he had sufficient supporters to gain him the presidency of the most powerful military country on earth. His ascendency to POTUS continues to raise questions but, perhaps, the most pertinent ought to be, “Now that he is gone, why are they still there?”

In order to understand what drove so many people to vote for Trump, one has to look at both the value system and the belief system of…

Whatever it is, Hamas cannot win, and its tactics will fail. Israel is simply superior in strength and ability.

Hamas is an abbreviation for Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah, and it means Islamic Resistance Movement. It is Palestinian, militant, nationalist, adopting the Sunni fundamentalist creed, and it has been designated a terrorist organisation by Canada, the European Union (comprising 27 countries), Japan and the United States. Australia, New Zealand, Paraquay, and the UK has only named its militant side as a terrorist organisation, while Turkey, Brazil, China, Egypt, Iran, Norway, Qatar, Russia, and Syria do not see it as a terrorist organisation. They leaders of Hamas are Hamas leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashaal, and they live in Qatar.

A Very, Very Short History of Hamas

Hamas started…

You admire them, don’t you?

Let’s look at the worth of the worl’ds richest people — mostly Americans.

Jeff Bezos has $177 billion.
Elon Musk has $151 billion.
Bernard Arnault has $140 billion (Louis Vuitton).
Bill Gates has $124 billion.
Mark Zuckerberg has $97 billion.
Warren Buffet has $96 billion.
Larren Ellison has $93 billion.
Larry Page has $91.5 billion.
Sergei Brin has $89 billion.
Mukesh Ambani has $84.5 billion (Indian — Reliance Industries).
Amancio Ortega has $77 billion (Spanish — Zara)

I could go on, but I want to ask you some questions. What sort of people hang on to that kind of money…

Politicians don’t have the power to create jobs, anyway. They’re lying to you.

Work Used to be Essential in Order to Survive.

For most of mankind’s existence, work was essential to survival. Meat needed to hunt in order to eat. One couldn’t just walk into a butcher to buy a piece of meat. In the days before agriculture took hold, the tribe, or an individual, had to hunt and forage for food. When agriculture arrived, crops needed to be grown and animals needed to be herded.

In addition, shelter needed to be found or homes needed to be built. Cloth needed to be woven and tools had to be made. …

Well what else do you call someone who willingly submits to being influenced? After all, an employer employs an employee.

Imagine, for a moment, the hoards of people who are glued to words of Instagram and youtube influencers. Each day, influencees make their way to the stream of their favorite influencer and sit glued to their seats awaiting their orders.

The influencer, young, probably a size four, long black hair, a reasonably pretty face, and an affected accent, begins…

Influencer: Today I want to show you this lovely dress I bought at this famous little boutique in Rodeo Drive. It comes in sizes 4 to 22, and it just looks perfect on everyone. You can buy it online at …

Until there is a redistribution of wealth and all people are living minimalistic life styles, we cannot stop climate change.

Yesterday it was as hot in the German city where I am currently living as it has been in Andalucia in Spain. It was as hot as Cape Town in South Africa. It was as hot as Houston on a high-heat day. Climate change has arrived. Kidneys will begin to fail, and people will die. and in the midst of all this, there will still be people pursuing their spiritual bliss, their need for a new fashion outfit, and their hope of career success. As Einstein supposedly said, “Two things are infinite — the universe and human stupidity. …

How much freedom can you have if the government has to interview you evey time you change your address?

I never thought I’d see the day that it would occur to me that freedom wasn’t an every-day thing. I’m lived in so many cities and countries that I’ve lost count. In all of them, I took freeodm for granted, so I have never quite understood this American thing that ‘But we have freedom.” So has every country, I thought.

And then I went to live in Germany two months ago and was introduced to the type of bureaucracy that has given me an entire new look at the concept of freedom.

Registering with the Authorities for the City You Move to

When you move to a city in Germany…

So what if the web knows all about you and me.

Every now and then someone will come by and rant off about how our everything is known about us on the web, and they say it in the tone of something being a clear and present danger. I generally think ‘wtf’ and try to understand the reasoning behind this fear. I truly don’t get it.

The Propensity for Being Targeted for Brainwashing

The interesting thing is the idea that Cambridge Analytica used data from Facebook Users to target them for the 2016 elections, and that it was all their fault. …

So maybe Umair Haque is worth a read.

There are things that Haque says that I haven’t checked. I generally check out writers and journalists, but Haque says so much that it’s too much time to check it all, so I listen to what he says, but I hear without making an assessment. Haque makes these things sound as if they’re happening right now, as if any moment, hell is going to break out on earth. Personally, I think it’s a case of a frog boiling slowly. Let me share with you how I see it.

The Structure That Held Civilisation Together Has Been Disintergrating Since the 60s.

Marriage is no longer necesssary. Children can be born to single mothers…

Recipients of welfare are despised, but isn’t there a problem with those who do the despising?

I have, at times in my life, being a recipient of welfare. Are you ready to despise me yet? After all, I must be stupid or lazy or have a bad attitude. Well, those what accused me of this knew that I wasn’t stupid and they knew that I worked hard, so it had to be a bad attitude. …

World Issues — Politics, Economics, and More

We have to find a way to save the bloody day. Power and money — Abused aren’t funny.

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