Meet the Pollaks: How Three Generations of Experimenters Kept their Learning Legacy Alive

Pollak family gathered at family wedding. Jean, seated center front row, is with June to her right and Georgia to her left. Sarah is second from right, second row; Charlie is behind her, third from right, last row.

Jean (deBeer) Pollak — France, 1946; Group Leader France, 1947

June (Mukoda) Pollak Wallace and Dick Pollak — Japan, 1971

June (Mukoda) Pollak Wallace and Dick Pollak’s Experiment cohort, Japan, 1971. June is in the front row, third from right.
June Pollak Wallace in Japan, 1971, posing with her host father (holding a sibling on his back) and a friend.
Dick Pollak, shaking hands with his host brother in Japan, 1971.

Georgia (Brown) Pollak — Sweden, 1970

Georgia (Brown) Pollak’s Swedish host family in their cabin by the Baltic Sea, 1970.
Georgia Pollak’s language program in Putney, Vermont, before her cohort flew to Sweden, 1970.

Charlie Pollak — Italy, 1996

Charlie Pollak, front in black shirt, with his Experiment cohort in Italy, 1996.

I can’t recommend the program enough. It will broaden your horizons, put you at ease in novel situations, and teach you how to turn strangers into friends.

Sarah (Pollak) Sullivan — France, 2000

Jean Pollak with Sarah (Pollak) Sullivan, 2021.

My experience was hugely immersive from a language perspective. A few years later when I was a junior in college, I went to Paris to study. Having had The Experiment in International Living time a few years prior was a huge leg up in the language area.



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