Travel Log Day 2: Amster-damn, I love you!

I have never seen such a cute town. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to call a town cute and charming, but I just did. There are so many interesting things here. Where do I start?

I’ll start by saying: Anne Frank. You have to get tickets online to see where she lived. It also isn’t as pretty up where she lived. Very touristy (hmm, I wonder why) and really not my cup of tea.

I’m staying in a very cool hip area (in my opinion), and it has a drawbridge. Seriously, it does. Well, not my house or anything, but the area has this spot that at least looks like a drawbridge.

I tried an Italian restaurant. Yeah, I know, didn’t get adventurous, but it was incredible. The best thing is that I bought a larger-than-life piece of tiramisu that I was able to bring home. It was been so incredibly hot outside that I put it in the fridge and then took a very, very cold shower. Not because I saw some hot Dutch chicks, but because my flat has no AC and no fans. Seriously?! They’d rather get a low grade on AirBnB, I guess, than spend $10 on a fan. Since a) I’m not in the apartment that much, and b) I’d have to lug the thing home, I ain’t gonna buy one. I just can’t believe they’d rather get a low rating than spend $10 to help me be cooler.

Love you all,