Miley Cyrus has been in the news constantly this summer it seems. Whether it has to do with her new music videos, Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop, or her on and off relationship with Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth, to her VMA performance this August. Miley has been of constant talk.

The most recent has been her newest music video, Wrecking Ball, off of her upcoming album Bangerz (due October 4th). Where Miley is wearing either no clothes or very little throughout the entire video. She then appear to be licking and making out with a sledgehammer while a wrecking ball breaks down walls around and behind her.

When I watched this music video I was blown away because of how powerful the song and message in it were, but I was also saddened because I knew that “America’s Innocent Disney Star” was about to get a ton of hate from the world of media. Most parents probably reported the music video right away in pure shock of this 20 year old, who is idolized by younger kids, and others surely took to their Twitter accounts to bash the young star.

Still From Wrecking Ball Video

However, I feel we should take a moment and step back and think about everything that’s been going on with Miley.

  • Her father and her have been having a rough relationship (however it has gotten better as of recently).
  • Her boyfriend and her have been on and off after multiple reports of him cheating on her, repeatedly and she stuck with him (he has called it quits officially after the VMA’s apparently).
  • She has been under a microscope almost non of those bashing her know anything about her ENTIRE life.
  • Most importantly, the thing people seem to forget… she isn’t that little Disney star anymore. Point blank, she’s growing up and exploring. Something we have all done at some point or another.

So before we judge Miley let’s understand her. I found this quote from her about the Wrecking Ball video:

“Let’s get something straight. You guys don’t understand my music video. So let me explain it to you. I kiss the sledge hammer to show that I secretly still love the pain. I’m naked to show how Liam destroyed me. I emotionally become ‘naked and stripped’ meaning I’m hurt on the inside. The wrecking ball symbolizes a destructive love, hence the song title. So instead of calling me a ‘slut’ or a ‘whore,’ realize I’m trying to tell a story of a love that went wrong and destroyed me emotionally.”

I believe these words. They are powerful words from a 20 year old. I’m sure all of us have felt this way at some time in life or another, not necessarily about love.

Still From Wrecking Ball Video

I’ve been around the music industry for a while now and have grown to know a few things. First off, everything is art. Doesn’t matter if it’s a painting, a song, poetry, writing, a video or fashion. Literally anything can be defined as art. Secondly, no one agrees on anything when it comes to “art.” Some people might hate it, while others don’t care and some absolutely adore it; it can have a million different opinions. Lastly, and most importantly, the only person who knows what the art is really trying to say is the creator of the piece of art.

Something I try to do when I receive new music from an artist to listen to is I don’t read anything they say in the email or watch the music video, so I don’t form an unwarranted opinion that might stop me from posting some great song or video. This is also the approach I use when I meet someone, I don’t jump to judgement before I truly get to know that person. They might look like the meanest or snobbiest person in the world but could end up being one of my best friends and I could miss out on that opportunity because I judge them too quickly.

Miley is clearly in pain in this video and in her life. A pain that I’m sure many of you have felt, heartbreak. It might be losing a loved one, losing a boyfriend or girlfriend. But no one understood that pain except for you, no matter how much you would vent to a friend, they never fully understood what you were going through. Usually when you’re dealing with a heartbreak of some form you aren’t thinking clearly, you do things that don’t seem like yourself at all. You act in spite or revenge or anger when you’re in this state. You do things that you wouldn’t usually do or dream of doing, no one understood that except you.

Still From Wrecking Ball Video

I’ve been there in a different situation from Miley’s. I’ve dealt with peer pressure, fell off the deep end and got lost. I put on a great front, so good that not a lot of people know my full story of falling down and now back on my feet still to this day. You find a way to escape that pain or struggle you’re in. Sometimes it can lead you to doing dumb things, or finding a new hobby, picking up bad habits that you never thought you would have. Still after this struggle I found a way to be my true self once again. I have people that hated me and doubted me and my dreams, some still do; some of the hate I do deserve.

I’m not perfect and neither is Miley. I made some big mistakes as we all do through life, but I realized those mistakes and learned from them. Miley is still trying to coup with her life and heartbreak.

She broke up with her fiancé, the man she loved and was about to marry at the age of 20. Take a minute to think about that. That’s a lot to deal with at any age, but at 20, almost 21 years old, that’s an unbelievable amount of pain for Miley. We almost always respond to heartbreak and pain with emotions which is what Miley has been doing for the past few months with shows, videos, performances and songs.

I realize that it is only common we question what she’s done in her choices and actions, but what about the choices we have made? Is Miley really that different from how we live? I say she isn’t. The only thing that’s different from her and you is that her actions are seen by the world, ours are seen by a few hundred people at most. She’s still a girl that has a family that loves her and would do anything for her. She has pets. She has siblings. She is above all a human being whom other human beings love.

Because of all this I refuse to be so cowardly to sit behind a keyboard and bash Miley after she’s opened her heart and pain to the entire world. Literally, the entire world knows her name and what she’s done (except North Korea maybe). Everything she does is in the spotlight. I’m not saying I support Miley’s vulgar actions in recent music videos or performances. However, I support her putting her entire life out there even though she knows the kind of hate she’s likely to receive.

Still From Wrecking Ball Video

When you were in you heartbreak situation did you want someone to tell you “you’re a slut” & “you’re a dumb whore” or any negative comments to already make you feel worse? I think the answer is no. So what makes you think Miley is any different from this? Maybe what she needs is love and support. Positive comments, not negative comments of which she hears everyday in one way or another.

Let her coup and let her make mistakes, in the end she’ll end up stronger than before. I’m not going to be someone to bash Miley, that’s not what she needs. I respect her and support her fully. I supported Miley back when she was “Hannah Montana” (which personally I feel was a “fake” Miley and this is the “real” Miley). I will continue to support Miley and show her positive feedback and if negative then make it constructive criticism.

Don’t forget she’s only 20 years old and no one is perfect. Not you, not me and not Miley. She’s just someone that got sick of people telling her how to live her life and now she’s trying it on her own and being her own person. She’s growing up people. Let her grow.

Everyone is going through some struggle in life. It’s not our job to ridicule them of every mistake but instead to pick them up when they’re down. Don’t judge someone just because you see what they put out in public for others to see. It’s so easy to put on a fake front in order to hide the pain and struggle you’re going through. Make sure you know their story before you jump to conclusions.