“The Republican Unity party is a bully”

by Theogenis Kanisis, Chief Political Correspondent

Minority Leader, Ahmad Ajidentijad, Concerned about Radical
Changes within the Political Spectrum:

“[RU] has come like a bully, disrupting the peace we have been living under for so many years. Is Mr. Delord unsatisfied by the lack of perfection in the system? Well of course he is, as we have all maintained throughout congressional sessions. However, bullying your way into history doesn’t work so well, Mr. Delord. We shall oppose with all our might.”

The newly appointed Under Secretary to Proedros, Mrs. Papatreason, is a far fetched candidate to be running our government. Raised on economic games and banking systems, Mrs. Helena Papatreason seems to be as anti-Kalopian as invariably imagined by those who, by studying her immersive business success, understand that chasing economic wealth throughout one’s life does not seem prudent to be a qualification for the leadership, based on that merit alone.

Mrs. Helena Papatreason does not seem to possess any other.

Times are troubling. Just as stones dance at the disrupting sound of an incoming deadly train, we feel the ground shaking underneath us.

And the silence is petrifying.

by Theogenis Kanisis, Chief Political Correspondent

Kalopian Herald, All Rights Reserved

November 3893, Kalopia

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