The Rise of a Dream — Part 1

A young boy, the passage of a millenial, the rise of an empire.

The waters were cold. All the boys knew it. They said it was impossible to swim across the river. It was too treacherous. But one boy thought he understood the truth. So he challenged all the other boys.

Everybody was afraid. They said he was crazy. The boy didn’t listen.

Biting his lip and daring himself, he jumped in the cold water and steadily made for the other bank. The current was too strong. But the boy persevered, as though the world depended on the outcome.

The water was too strong. They found his body washed out 8 kilometers away. But the boy who first said it was impossible to swim across, that boy out of all of them, understood the truth.

They laughed at his clothes, at his father, at his job. They bitterly shouted and made fun of his pride.

“How is your name Aristocrat, when you don’t look like one!”

And in the year 2698, Pornidious Aristocrat became the first President of the Republic of Kalopia. And the idea was born.

to be continued …

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