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Recommendo brings word of mouth to the mobile world. Because only your friends know the brands
and products that really suit you.

This post is a quick guide about the first word of mobile network for you. And your friends.

Getting started with Recommendo

Did you ever recognize how often you use personal recommendations when interacting with your family and friends? And how often you forget this valuable information right after? Recommendo will completely change the way you receive, send and store recommendations and other things you love! Here are some examples how easy this can be…


“We were figuring out where to go for dinner after a day in Berlin and each traveller guide tried to route us to another “hot tip” that didn’t really convince us. But then I got the recommendation from my friend Ben who told me to visit this awesome chinese restaurant. This was the first advice I could really trust in — and it was a good decision…”

92% of the people worldwide consider personal recommendations by a friend as the most trustworthy access to brands and products — and we have made it dead easy to send, receive and store them.


“As a passionate traveller, I really love to visit new cities and all the fancy stores and places there. Recommendo’s collections provide me an easy to use opportunity to store everything I discover with just a few clicks. And my friends can directly comment, add videos and images or send me related recommendations and ideas…”

Social collecting at its best! Now you can not only store all the things you expect as noteworthy, you can also discuss it with your friends or other users you invite. And if you like to, you can create public collections to share your discoveries with everybody inside Recommendo.


“For our next summer holiday, we are planning to go on a three week road trip, but we had definitely no idea what would be a nice route to travel along. With the Recommendo App’s request functionality, it was so easy to get a lot of wonderful ideas from my friends…”

Whenever you have a question or need some advice, ask your family, friends or a constantly growing base of experienced informers and influencers with just a few clicks. This makes the request the most valuable and easy-to-use source of information currently available.


“There are so many interesting things in Recommendo’s Discovery section, that I find myself often poking around there instead of browsing Facebook or Google+ as I used to do before.”

Our constantly growing database offers you nearly limitless possibilities to browse millions of items — companies, products, events, recommendations by other users, public collections… And most of them you can even buy with just a few clicks.

These are the four basic functions of Recommendo. You think that's all? Definitely not!

The mobile Recommendo apps provide you a wide variety of additional possibilities to interact with your friends, family and with the brands and companies you love. Here are some more of our features at a glance:

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Discover. Collect. Recommend.

And let the power of friendship take your social experience to the next level.