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You may hear this quote very often, ‘Reading is to Mind what Exercise is to Body’. Yes, this is very true, after all reading opens up a new ocean of information and you get to learn newer and informative things.

But the bigger questions that arises are:

☛Shouldn’t this information be made available to all?

☛️Shouldn’t knowledge be given to those who are not financially sound?

Well, knowledge and learning in present era is available to all and several organizations and websites are working to make it easily accessible. There are several websites that allows you to read informative and useful eBooks for free!

Let’s take a look at 3 Useful Website that allows you to read and download eBooks for free!

3. GoodReads.com

A multi-lingual collection of 3000+ eBooks from multiple genres, be it action thriller or motivational eBooks, at GoodReads.com you will always have plenty of options to choose from.

As a reader you can choose books directly from their website or you can choose from these 2 exclusive eBook section we discovered only for you!

Section 1 — GoodReads ‘eBooks’ Section (in picture below)

Section 2 — GoodReads ‘Popular Free Online Books’ Section (in picture below)

Why use GoodReads?

Rich library with thousands of free eBooks.

Allows user to read eBooks for free and without any registration.

Ad-free reading experience makes it one of the best website for free eBooks.

Visit GoodReads Official Website

2. BookRix.com

The best part about this website is their Free eBooks (BookRix only) section. Here users can choose from over 30,000 free eBooks that are not available anywhere else on the internet except BookRix.com

Be it leisure oriented eBooks from genres like fantasy, short story, thriller, etc., or be it educational and informational eBooks from genres like philosophy, economics, psychology, etc., at BookRix you will find them all and in plenty!

BookRix’s ‘Free eBooks (BookRix only)’ Section (in picture below)

Why use BookRix?

30,000+ free eBooks from all types of genre.

Allows users to read eBooks for free and without any registration.

Allows users to download those eBooks that have been granted author’s permission.

Visit BookRix’s Official Website

1. BookBoon.com

Clean interface, easily navigable website makes BookBoon.com the best website for reading free eBooks. Well, another reason for it’s numero uno ranking is that it also allows you to download eBooks easily.

BookBoon.com is indeed a boon to students and academicians, its rich collection includes eBooks from various niche like engineering, IT & programming, economics & finance, and many more.

BookBoon’s ‘Download free eBooks and textbooks’ Section (in picture below)

Why use BookBoon?

Allows you to download eBooks for free.

Has Premium Content that are useful for businesses and corporates.

Visit BookBoon’s Official Website

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