Lessons In Longevity, From A 100-Year-Old Marathon Runner

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6 min readJul 25, 2022

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Mike Fremont is 100 years old. He has a sharp mind and still runs 5 miles three times per week maintaining an excellent level of fitness and continues to hold several world records for his running.

So what are his secrets to not only a long life but an extended life of the kind of quality that is actually worth living?

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An Overview On Lifespan

Over the last decade with medical advancements, the average lifespan of humans is continuing to increase, with the average world life expectancy currently at 76 which is up from 47 in the 1950's.

Currently, experts believe that science is extending the quality of your life so that for every year you are alive, science is extending your life by a quarter of a year.

Hong Kong tops the scale with an average life expectancy of 85. The United Kingdom is down in 29th place at 81, and the US is even further down the scale with an average lifespan of 79 according to Worldometer.

There is some well-documented research on Blue Zones, which are the areas of the world that have the highest concentration of centenarians. We can expect to see the average lifespan continuing to increase as more research goes into this area.

That’s if we humans don’t continue to screw it up for ourselves in the meantime of course.

What Does Longevity Mean?

Though I’m not sure I’m overly concerned with how long I live, what is important to me is that I live my life feeling as fit and as well as I can, for as long as I can.

I don’t always make the healthiest of choices, hey I’m human. But there are becoming more times when I have uttered the words that I’m starting to feel my age. That feeling sparks a desire in me to do more about that, and if I can, to try and slow that process down.

Most people don’t value life or their health, until at some point illness hits and they realise just how important their health actually was.

So longevity isn’t so…

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