Getting Started In Business Is This Simple.

After seeing the upteenth facebook post where an individual says “I want to go into business, but I have 10 dollars and am eating maggie mee everyday right now to stave off starvation,” or “I read tons of books but none of it tell me the exact steps and don’t leave anything out,” I decided to show you how EASY it is to just start rocking in business.

I don’t know how else rationalize the fact that I have been promoting courses that can seriously help people to get more income stream and putting points on the board in mundane fields and people are totally shocked that it’s possible to make money that way, like “how could someone who owns a cleaning company for a living possibly get that rich?” or giving me excuses such as;

“I can’t afford to join those courses. But I had a great day yesterday! I started my morning off with Starbucks ($7). Then I went & had a pedicure and manicure($50.). Then I ordered pizza for the family($35) and I HAD to have these new shoes that my friends have ($150). What a day!”

You can afford what you want to afford! And You DESERVE to be poor if you rather spend on things that make you poorer.

There are lots of ways to earn your second income, you can apply CENTS to figure them out. But if you’re dead out of ideas, if you’ve got nothing, there is one way that never fails. In the last two years I have used it over, and over, and over again. Since it seems a lot of people couldn’t distill the secret of “churning their own ice cream”, here it is:


Think it doesn’t work? Think again. I’m going to make this live for you guys, at the risk of inadvertently starting dozens of similar companies. This will be recorded on my personal blog at, check it out.

I’m just lucky? You wish you had that excuse. You know how long it was between the time I blew my first content up on social media to the time I landed my first xx,xxx advertising contract?

less than 3 weeks.

See you with your resume are wandering around beating on doors (whether for VC for an untested, not-yet-produced and unsold idea, or for a rat race job), implicitly broadcasting to employers (and anyone who will follow you online) “I have no direction and no drive, teach me how I can produce some value for people so I can afford to live and eat, hold my hand, make me stable.” So, predictably, you get rejection after rejection, and you keep eating that tasty maggie mee.

But if you follow the map above, you switch from being like the McDonald’s employee, to being like a mini version of the McDonald’s restaurant itself. Word gets out. You talk, and people talk, and suddenly, it’s like you’re there on the corner with your neon sign glowing in the dark. People can smell the value being created inside, and people who see you know instantly “If I want something to satisfy my hunger, that’s where I can go to get it.” The whole game changes. I haven’t looked for work in AGES pursuant to my consulting stuff. I learn new skills. I get the tools to manifest the value of those skills. Work comes looking for me. And when it does, it’s the employer, it’s the job, that’s clutching the resume, looking hopefully at me across the desk, wanting me to do for them what they heard I did for X and Y other local business.

This is a hustle. It’s not a time independent fastlane (not in its nascent stage anyway, hire others to do the work, get spending your capital on advertising rather than on bottle service at the club, build out, and you’re on your way). Whether you have lawn care equipment or a team of painters or a floor sander or video equipment for rent, get the expensive tools (entry) that are built to meet needs (need, duh), that only your fastidious research could have assembled in just such a way to maximize their value (entry), get trained to use it to meet needs more effectively (Need, entry), and sit there and watch your magnitude variable absolutely explode as you with your $5000 worth of video camera go from being worth $12.00/hr at Kohls to $250/hr at Susie Q Public’s wedding. Work two days, take 5 off to work on your opportunity, earn more money than you did working 5.

Now get out there, kick ass, get started, get the cash you need to launch, and have fun!

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