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Dear writers and followers of World Traveler’s Blog,

Cody and I started this publication with a purpose in mind: to build a better travel community.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — African Proverb

From the very beginning, it was essential for us to coordinate all major decisions mutually with all of you.

The last time we reached out was five weeks ago when we introduced our new logo.

Today we want to quickly introduce our brand-new layout for the footer. It is of essential importance for you because it completes your wonderful stories and symbolizes your affiliation with our community. Here is what we have in mind:

The design proposal for our new footer

We redesigned it because the former foot area kept growing over time with more information and ended up looking a little messy. Here is how the new design compares to the old one👇

Old vs new footer

Do you like it?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

Do you consider the design attractive or unattractive? Do you have a completely different idea? Would you like to include different photos in the footer?

You decide

Darrin Atkins Nicole Bryan R. Rangan PhD Silviamiceli Zoë Poulsen Patrick Duane Jairam R Prabhu Rosa Diaz Alexander M. Combstrong Myriam Ben Salem Blank Voice Antonija Osojnik Katharina Daun Malky McEwan Debra Howell “Chilly Bin” Josh Balerite Acol Ravneet Kaur Anna McC Sean Suskind Brittany Kathleen Melissa Shapiro Leo Zeballos Muhammad Nasrullah Khan Gina Pacelli F.A Blum Hello Katie Kodes Lisa Hanson Haider Jamal Abbasi Rochelle Silva Ashlee Moyo Abena D Khalil Gdoura Mil H. Liv Mello Tim Jackson Nikki Petrova Maria Barros Courtney Lowry Jhemmylrut Teng Elan Cassandra Janis Jatnieks Olivia Wilkinson Galit Birk, PhD L. Wachi Nicole Cooper Shruthi Sundaram Kathleen s Taylor Ashley Louise A. Marcella Marino Glad Doggett Lara Henneman Juliedixon Millennial in Crisis Salim Aouamri Mary DeVries Danielle Gibson Karen DeGroot Carter Richa Khare Clément Bourcart Ahmad Abdullah Alyssa Chua JGS Kayla Vokolek Jax Hudur Christopher Kokoski Ben Ami Sam Dixon Brown Cody James Howell PhD (Raiden) Jack Krier John Levin Corinne Hill Diana Bernardo Sara Smith Taylor Haught Javier Ortega-Araiza Amberbree Aimée Gramblin ◦•●✿ Christina M. Ward ✿●•◦ Joe Love Rosanna Olsson Bob Dumont B Dh Flannery Maney Nick Keehler Umad Chaudhary Feyikemi Ademiju Freda Savahl Karen Downton Mathias Lukas Leah Brodsky Orit Rindner Amen Naqvi Robert Nicholson III Rahul Ranjan Sushma Sampath Ajita Amanda Yuk Alan Kong Katie Sheps Amit Chandra, MD Panos Grigorakakis Alison Marshall Hinal Kristina Jancar Barbara Radisavljevic Breanna Ho LucyWolf Sanduni Samarakoon Carter Prior Fatimah Alayafi Sam Wolf Charlotte Brown Cristinamiceli Zaineb Nawaz Aigner Loren Wilson Jill Taylor Neal Yuri Loginov Anne Bonfert Synthia Satkuna Marcus Franke Gaby Spadaro Sutong Danny Schleien Dennett Cathy Clarke Suntonu Bhadra Yaroslav Bedriy Jade King Kaitlyn Holmgren Bridget Douglas Ryan Justin Stephanie Tolk Sumera Rizwan Indubala Kachhawa Emma Comeaux Quy Ma Saskia V Blake Matson Becker Natacha Travelblogger Caroline Kay Gigi Tsontos W.Y. Chan Sh*t Happens — Lost Girl Travel Nanda Jurela Auriane Alix Glad Doggett Ezz El Din Abdullah Jana Franke Aleksa Georg

If you like it better, it may stay. If not, it must go :)

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Let us know what you think in the comments section.👇

Stay safe, travel well, and keep writing!

Cody and Marcus




A collaborative project from a diverse group of adventurers and digital nomads sharing the world through inspiring stories. The more you know, the better you travel!

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