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Sundown at Haeundae

Time to hit the waves

Haeundae Baech, Busan, South Korea (Photo courtesy by the Author)

Welcome to Haeundae!!!

One of the busiest urban hoods of Busan with bustling casinos, chaotic cruise adventures, and within a 10-minute drive away, you’ll find a sky-reaching landscape waiting for mind-boggling treats along the stunning coastline

The best part of traveling to Haeundae is that you can chill and relax as much as you want at the beach along with exotic punk pursuits ;)

A two-day travel plan is far more enough, to explore the corners of Haeundae, in my opinion. I did my traveling during the early fall of 2020; one of the best times to step out and enjoy the wonders of autumnal sunshine and a chilly breeze.

How to get there
The best and faster way is to use the subways. Hop on to Line number 1 (Orange line) and take a detour at Seomyeon to Line 2 (Green line) and get off at Haeundae station and… Voi​là! Haeundae welcomes you :)

Day 01

1. Sealife Aquarium

I cannot say how much I was intrigued to get here since day one of hearing about the aquarium. When I was entering the place I had a gut feeling this is gonna be amaaaaaazing… and indeed IT WAS :)

Photo courtesy by the Author

Content warning: The entry ticket is a little bit expensive though; but always worth the visit.

Left: Holding a living starfish; Right: Radiantly glowing lights along with the exhibits (Photo courtesy by the Author)

This is said to be one of the largest aquariums in Asia housing more than 35,000 individuals of fish and aquatic animals from nearly 250 species. You also can enjoy bits of ocean recreational activities along with dress-ups in the Fashion Zone.

The displays are often sugar-coated with radiant lights and melodious sound backgrounds.

It takes about a couple of hours to complete the round-up. In the end, all I could have was a dialog spoken by Gill in Finding Nemo:
“Fish aren't made to be in a box, kid…”.

Apart from all the mixed feelings of guilt and unpleasantness; you should take a shot at saying hello to them; at least once.

2. Shinsegae Department Store Centum City

Photo courtesy by the Author

If you are up-to insane shopping and are attracted to top branded products then this is your place. The mall is insanely big and wide and holds a distinction of being recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest department store in the world in terms of size and floor area. The view and the architecture were mind-blowing. Kudos to the designer.

You can check out the multiple floors of shopping malls, recreation areas, restaurants, luxurious spas, and a nice walk-around too. A perfect spot to window-shop and time-kill if you are too bored and feel like nothing to do productive.

3. APEC Naru Park

When you get out of Centum City and walk across the road, you’ll find a medium-sized, not-so-crowded Naru Park waiting for you to wave Hello. This was my very-first autumn experience since I was from a tropical country with no autumns. To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by the colors and shades of early autumn.

Photo courtesy by the Author

“The morning of the first September was crisp and gold as an apple”
-J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

I couldn't agree more. I stood there for hours doing nothing but embracing the colorful nature and the dazzling sunshine running through the golden crispy leaves. This would be one of the memories I’ll cherish forever.

4. Haeundae beach

I checked into the hotel and thought to hit the waves in the late evening. Indeed, that would be the best go-to option to relax and chill after the long tiring day. (Gee! Wandering makes me so tried)

On the way to the beach, you can also sop on wide varieties of foods in Haeundae. Indian, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai; you name anything, Haeundae got all of it. No wonder this place is a hot spot for the tourists that they are mouth-full and mindful.

The Bay 101 (Photo courtesy by the Author)

The busiest recreational at the same time wave-less calm waters of Haeundae sure is a treat for the Busanites. From the peace of walking on the white sandy beaches, enjoying the voice of the ocean and incredible snorkeling to the deeper scuba dives (personal experience) the beach ticks all the boxes.

If you take a slow walk on the sandy beach at the night you can enjoy the vivid colors of Busan. Strikingly higher skyscrapers and colorful facades would give you a taster that will sting you a feeling of wanting to return.

Day 02

1.Dongbaekseom Island | Coastal walking trail

Today is the day for a mini-hike. Dongbaekseom Island is connected to the Haeundae beach via a coastal trail passing through the APEC house. It is always better to start the hike as early as possible. Because once the sun hits you’ll get all sweaty and salty because of the beachy atmosphere.

The view from the corner-most point of Dongbaekseom Island is amazing. You see can easily view the APEC house and Diamond Bridge along with Marine City at a glance.

Photo Courtesy by the Author (Photo by Ahalya Arulnayagam on Unsplash)

Starting from here you can walk towards Haeundae Beach through the coastal trail. On the way, the Mermaid artifacts, sandy shores, the beachscape, and the scenic visibility was some of the best I’ve noticed. This also reminded me of Sri Lankan beaches, which is certainly a no bad thing.

View on the way via the coastal trail: Photo Courtesy by the Author (Photo by Ahalya Arulnayagam on Unsplash)

2. Sunset at Haeundae

After all the tiring hikes you’ll need peaceful beachside sunset to wrap up your travel. Sunset in Haeundae is one of the most tranquil and gorgeous views that made the trip worth all the hurdles.

Photo Courtesy by the Author

I am sitting on the pebble-mixed-sandy shore; watching that brilliantly giant, red and orange fiery ball falling into the sea. My hands are automatically clicking the camera buttons; unconsciously. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. This was astounding. Always has :)

If you are looking for a beach holiday but with tons of adventures to keep you entertained; Haeundae definitely will oblige.

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