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The First Blind Date For Travelers

Who is your New Travel Buddy?

Dear Travelers,

Our unique travel community is growing rapidly. Cody and I are thrilled to read and share all of your wonderful travelogues with all those gorgeous photographs added.

We are also grateful for all the positive comments and celebrate every new member!

Thank you for your support and all the great suggestions!

To not lose don’t lose track of all the new travelers in our community, we invite you today to our very first

Travel 🙋‍♀️“Blind Date”🙋‍♂️ in Random Countries Around The World 🌏

Who Drinks a Beer With Marcus in Thailand?
Chat over the hottest wings you can find with Cody!

80 of you will get the chance to meet a new travel buddy who has already written at least one story on Medium.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” — Coretta Scott King

The first step is to find your name at one of our tables. Once you found your place, you only need to take a seat and see who our “Random-Travel-Buddy-Generator” invited only for you

Today you have the unique and extremely exciting opportunity to connect to various passionate travelers from your community!

How do you do it?

Your business


Clap, comment, follow, or read anonymously, share his/ her work, leave a private note… As you prefer.

Happy “dating”, and have fun “traveling” together🍹

Travelers Table №1: Darrin Atkins 🙋‍♂️meets R. Rangan PhD 🙋‍♂️ in French Polynesia

Travelers Table №2: Patrick Duane🙋‍♂️ meets Jairam R Prabhu🙋‍♂️in the Dominican Republic

Travelers Table №3: Rosa Diaz 🙋‍♀️meets Malky McEwan 🙋‍♂️ in Comoros

Travelers Table №4: Josh Balerite Acol🙋‍♂️ meets Sean Suskind🙋‍♂️on the Marshall Islands

Travelers Table №5: Muhammad Nasrullah Khan 🙋‍♂️meets Gina Pacelli🙋‍♀️ in Brazil

Travelers Table №6: Hello Katie Kodes meets Mil H.🙋‍♂️in Venezuela

Travelers Table №7: Liv Mello🙋‍♀️ meets Maria Barros🙋‍♀️in Saint Lucia

Travelers Table №8: Elan Cassandra🙋‍♀️meets Olivia Wilkinson🙋‍♀️ in Macau

Travelers Table №9: Galit Birk, PhD 🙋‍♀️meets L. Wachi Taylor🙋‍♀️Brunei

Travelers Table №10: Ashley🙋‍♀️ meets Danielle Gibson🙋‍♀️ in the British Virgin Islands

Travelers Table №11: Karen DeGroot Carter🙋‍♀️ meets Richa Khare🙋‍♀️ in Kuwait

Travelers Table №12: Ahmad Abdullah 🙋‍♂️meets Jax Hudur Sam🙋‍♂️in Ghana

Travelers Table №13: Dixon Brown 🙋‍♂️meets John Levin🙋‍♂️ in Svalbard and Jan Mayen

Travelers Table №14: Eunice X.🙋‍♀️ meets Aimée Gramblin🙋‍♀️in Costa Rica

Travelers Table №15: ◦•●✿ Christina M. Ward ✿●•◦🙋‍♀️ meets Aigner Loren Wilson🙋‍♀️ in Puerto Rico

Travelers Table №16: Nick Keehler🙋‍♂️ meets Leah Brodsky🙋‍♀️in Rwanda

Travelers Table №17: Orit Rindner🙋‍♀️ meets Ajita Amanda🙋‍♀️in Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha

Travelers Table №18: Yuk Katie Sheps 🙋‍♀️meets Panos Grigorakakis🙋‍♂️in Cape Verde

Travelers Table №19: Alison Marshall 🙋‍♀️meets Kristina Jancar Barbara🙋‍♀️ in Tonga

Travelers Table №20: Vivek Naskar🙋‍♂️ meets Sanduni Samarakoon🙋‍in the Federated States of Micronesia

Travelers Table №21:Fatimah Alayafi 🙋‍♀️meets Charlotte Brown🙋‍♀️ in Argentina

Travelers Table №22:Cristinamiceli 🙋‍♀️meets Zaineb Nawaz🙋‍♀️ in Antigua and Barbuda

Travelers Table №23: Myriam Ben Salem🙋‍♀️ meets Cody James Howell PhD (Raiden)🙋‍♂️ in Monaco

Travelers Table №24: Anne Bonfert 🙋‍♀️meets Gaby Spadaro🙋‍♀️in Zambia

Travelers Table №25: Sutong 🙋‍♀️meets Cathy Clarke🙋‍♀️ in Wallis and Futuna

Travelers Table №26:Kaitlyn Holmgren🙋‍♀️ meets Sumera Rizwan🙋‍♀️ in Laos

Travelers Table №27:Indubala Kachhawa 🙋‍♀️meets Emma Comeaux🙋‍♀️in Belgium

Travelers Table №28:Quy Ma🙋‍♂️ meets Sh*t Happens — Lost Girl Travel🙋‍♀️ in Guam

Travelers Table №29: Nanda Jurela 🙋‍♀️meets Alyssa Chua🙋‍♀️ in Nauru

Travelers Table №30:Marcus Franke🙋‍♂️ meets Lisa Hanson🙋‍♀️ in Thailand

Travelers Table №31:Jhemmylrut Teng🙋‍♀️ meets Stephanie Tolk🙋‍♀️in Kyrgyzstan

Travelers Table №32: Nicole Cooper 🙋‍♀️meets Misbah Ul Haq Syed🙋‍♂️in Mauritius

Travelers Table №33:Debra Howell “Chilly Bin”🙋‍♀️ meets Blake Matson Becker 🙋‍♂️ in Niue

Travelers Table №34:Glad Doggett 🙋‍♀️meets Mary DeVries🙋‍♀️ in Libya

Travelers Table №35: Mathias Lukas🙋‍♂️ meets Alexander M. Combstrong🙋‍♂️ in Paraguay

Travelers Table №36: Aigner Loren Wilson🙋‍♀️ meets Antonija Osojnik🙋‍♀️ in Israel

Travelers Table №37:Melissa Shapiro 🙋‍♀️meets Haider Jamal Abbasi🙋‍♂️on the Falkland Islands

Travelers Table №38: Amen Naqvi 🙋‍♀️meets Sushma Sampath🙋‍♀️on the Isle of Man

and finally

Travelers Table №39: Katlyn Gallo🙋‍♀️ meets Nikki Petrova 🙋‍♀️in American Samoa

Feedback Time

Once again, thank you so much for being a member of this unique traveler community.🥰

Together we can improve our blog step by step.

Please let us know what YOU think and leave us a comment:

1. What do you think about the blind date event? Did you like the way we organized it?

2. Do you like the idea of meeting at random places or would you rather leave the location?

Your feedback means everything to us.

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

- Henry Ford

Our goal is to generate more reading time for you and to share even more exciting travel stories in those difficult times.

👇The polls are still open for our voting contest👇

Stay safe, travel well, and keep writing!

Cody and Marcus

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