2018: a year of travels

2018 — a new year, and even though I didn’t plan on it, a new adventure for my career path is starting really shortly. Life has a lot of unexpected turns, some bad, some good, and some just flat out f-ing amazing.

I have always been a person who enjoys travelling, exploring and discovering new cities and towns, food and culture. That’s why when I heard that my new position was going to allow me to travel a lot, I was super excited.

On top of all of the work travel I’m going to be doing, I’m planning to take this year to travel as much as I can outside of the scope of my job. My goal right now is to travel to 30 cities in 2018. If it’s my first visit there, then great. If I’ve already been there, re-discovering them will also be awesome!

As I write this post, I already know I’ve got some big things planned for 2018. I can’t wait to share my adventures with you.

I’m writing this post from the airport, just about to board for a flight to my first stop of the year — NYC. I love this city. It is definitely not my first time there, but I don’t think I could ever get sick of this city. This trip is going to be a quick one — only a day — and it’s jam packed; but even with back-to-back meetings, I will find some time to see friends, family and take in some of the amazing sights that you can only find in NYC.

So as I’m about to take off on my first stop on this new adventure, sit back, put your tray table in the upright position, and enjoy the ride with my new blog segment — “World Views”.