A New 5 Seconds Long Voice Communication

It has been a couple of weeks since our “baby” app’s beta launch, and I am pleased to say that the reactions from our users have been rather positive.

Our intention, aim, and excitement of this new communication has, as far as I can tell, been widely accepted by our beta test users.

I am not good at holding a conversation in English, but I can handle a 5 seconds long chat just fine.

I feel more relaxed and feel that there is more time to think before I react compared to a normal phone conversation.

I cringe at the thought of making a phone call, and I’d do anything if I do not have to deal with the stress of phone communication.

I really hate the pressure during a phone conversation, but I think I can somehow manage to talk if it is just for 5 seconds.

If we are to develop this baby app’s idea further, we can hope to realize a new worldview: a world in which our desires are perceived instantaneously via voice communication.

We can hope to achieve such a worldview if human emotions are understood mechanically through analyzing and accumulating a vast amount of data comprising 5 seconds long voice communications.

In that ideal world, you would be able to acquire necessary information, meet people you would want to meet, obtain services you need — all these would be available to you just by talking. Then, it would be possible to solve problems without going through the hassle of asking people or seeking for help individually.

These are the main ideas behind our “baby” app. We believe that this universal communication platform will be not only for human to human interactions, but human to machine, and machine to machine interactions as well. We will keep on making improvements — stay tuned!